Título/Appointment: Catedrático Asociado
Departamento/Department: Mathematics-Physics (Matemática-Física)
Institución/Institution: UPR-Cayey
E-mail: moises.delgado@upr.edu
Teléfono/Phone: (787) 738-2161, ext. 2359 | (787) 217-3459


Moises, born in Perú, accomplished the degrees of: B. S. of Mathematics (National University of Trujillo, Perú), M. S. in Mathematics (UPR-Mayagüez, Puerto Rico), and Ph. D. in Mathematics (UPR-Río Piedras, Puerto Rico).


Áreas de Investigación/Research Interests:
Moise’s math research is about Finite Fields and Applications in Coding Theory and Cryptography. Finite field have applications in the areas of information theory, coding theory, cryptography, sequences, designs, and others. Using other words, applications concerning to model information for recording, transferring, reproducing, compressing, making secure, making confidential, etc. Thus, finite fields and functions over finite fields have direct implications in the fast-growing technology of computers and digital communications systems.



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    2. M. Delgado (with C. Agrinsoni, H. Janwa) (2022) Absolute Irreducibility Testing Criteria and Factorization of Multivariate Polynomials. Accepted for publication in the Springer Nature PROMS volume for the Fifty-Second Southeastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Computing.
    3. M. Delgado (with H. Janwa) (2020). On the Decomposition of Generalized Fermat Varieties in P^3 Corresponding to Kasami-Welch Functions. Congressus Numerantium, v. 232, p. 101-111.
    4. M. Delgado (with H. Janwa) (2018). On the Completion of the Exceptional APN Conjecture in the Gold degree case and on APN Absolutely Irreducible Polynomials. Congressus Numerantium, v.229, p. 135-142.
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    7. M. Delgado (2017). The state of the art on the conjecture of exceptional APN functions, Note di Matematica, v.37 (n.1), p. 41-51.


Conferencias recientes/Recent conferences:

    1. New ideas for multivariate public key cryptography. XV International Fast Workshop on Applied and Computational Mathematics, Univ. Nacional de Trujillo-Peru, enero 2022.
    2. New candidates for high degree trapdoor functions for quantum physics cryptography. III Congreso Internacional de Física, CI-SoDoFi 2022, Punta Cana DR, enero 2022.
    3. New criteria for absolute irreducibility of projective hypersurfaces in char. 2. SIDIM XXXVI, UPR Mayaguez, PR, March 2021.
    4. New High Degree Trapdoor Functions for Public Key Cryptography. 51th. Southeastern International Conference on Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Computing, FAU USA (Miami), March 2020.
    5. New Ideas in 35 Years of Multivariate Public Key Cryptography. SIDIM XXXIV, UPR Cayey, PR, March 2020.
    6. Some New Research in Coding Theory and Cryptography. Primer Encuentro Suroccidental de Matemáticas y Matemáticas Aplicadas, I ESOMMA Colombia (Cali), November, 2019.
    7. Transversal Intersection for Further Results on the Conjecture of Exceptional APN Functions. 50th. Southeastern International Conference on Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Computing, FAU USA (Miami), March 2019.
    8. At Most Two-to-One Functions Over Finite Fields for New Trapdoor Function. SIDIM XXXIV, UPR Humacao, PR, March 2019.
    9. Recent Advances on the Conjecture of APN Codes. Second Colombian Workshop on Coding Theory, CWC Colombia (Barranquilla), January 2019.