The Time & Effort Reporting at the University has changed from a paper form (125B) to an electronic system. You should use the steps and guidance in this document to certify your Time & Effort report, if applicable.

Only employees that, received payments from federal sources, need to comply with the T&E reporting requirement. Federal sources should be understood as payments from direct federal funds, cost shared funds, committed effort and extra service (additional compensations), that emanates from federally funded projects.

The federal regulation establishes that budget estimates alone do not qualify as support for charges on federal awards (see §200.430 Compensation personal services). The UPR established a two-step verification process where administrative personnel verify the correctness of the T&E, when compared to budget estimates and award documents, and the final certification of the person that did the work. Therefore, employees certifying T&E reports should assure that the certified effort report is accurate and represents the actual work performed by the employee.


  1. The T&E reporting system is part of the UPR Portal. You should navigate to
  2. Log-In to the portal. Your username is your email address and the password is the same you use to access your email account
  3. Once in the portal interface navigate to Employees ->Time & Effort
  4. Once you enter the application, you will see a list of the available time and effort reports select the report corresponding to the period you are certifying and click View…. Now you will see your T&E report.
  5. Review your T&E report
  6. If you agree with how your T&E report is presented, click the attestation checkbox and click Approve. Now your T&E is accepted and no further action is required.
  7. If you need a copy of your report once is approved click the Download PDF button
  8. If you require changes on the T&E report, please state the reasons and specific changes needed in the Remarks textbox and click Reject. This will return your form to the reviewers for the corresponding corrections, once your T&E report is corrected you will receive another email notifying you that your T&E report is ready and you should repeat this procedure.

For UPR T&E policies procedures and manuals, press here.

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