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Do you have any questions about the Resilience and Sustainability RFI? Check out these FAQs!

May 2022

As we mentioned in our last blog post, the UPR Asset Map aims to efficiently insert the UPR System into the disaster recovery efforts underway in Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. If we know what we have, where it is and who we need to talk to in order to access the asset, we increase the probability of responding quickly and effectively to any situation, preparedness, response, mitigation of emergency events. This is why we started the Request for Information (RFI) exercise with the resilience-related data layer.

Here are a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to this RFI that might be of help!

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What is the Resilience and Sustainability Asset Identification Form?

The universe of assets of the University of Puerto Rico is immense, so we will be compiling them in stages and by themes. The first layer of the UPR Asset Map will be the resilience and sustainability layer, as it is the basic layer of information we need to continue connecting the UPR to disaster recovery efforts. Likewise, as we get closer and deeper into the 2022 hurricane season, it can be important information to respond to any situation we may face.

It is a simple form that seeks to collect general information about the asset(s) you want to nominate. This is the first stage of this RFI, which will be followed by a stage of data validation and further elaboration on the information received.

What topics are included in the resilience and sustainability RFI?

The topics included in this RFI are those related to disaster recovery, resilience, climate change adaptation and sustainable development. 

Note: When we talk about sustainable development we are referring to any asset that falls under one of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

What types of assets can I nominate in the resilience and sustainability RFI?

The types of assets we are currently looking for can be: research projects, theses, dissertations or degree projects, academic programs or courses, research institutes or centers, student organizations, technology innovation projects, grants, and community outreach projects.

Can I nominate more than one asset?

Yes! You can fill out the form as many times as necessary. If you wish to nominate 5 or more assets at one time, you can contact the UPR DRCs at drc.eda@upr.edu and a template will be shared with you so you can share them more easily.

What do I do if the asset I want to nominate falls into more than one category?

If the asset can be categorized into more than one topic or category, the possibilities will be identified in the second stage of the process, the data validation stage and drill down on the asset. 

Example: If the asset to be nominated is a research center, within it there are researchers, equipment, research, grants, etc. These will be interrelated in the second stage of the exercise. 

How can I support the development of the UPR Asset Map?

The most important thing is to spread the word! Help us get the asset nomination forms to as many people as possible. If you are part of a network or organization, share our website and the links to the forms, or if you are interested in coordinating a call with the UPR DRCs team to explore other collaboration alternatives, you can write to us at drc.eda@upr.edu.

Were these helpful? Let us know if you have any other questions and please fill out the nomination form!

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