Let’s put UPR resilience assets on the map!

We know that all the UPR campuses have countless assets that contribute to the resilience of the UPR System, the country, the region and the world. The time has come to put them on the map!

The first layer of information we will collect and activate on the map will be the resilience layer. Not only because the root of the UPR Assets Map is to insert and connect the UPR efficiently and effectively in the disaster recovery processes in the country and the region, but also because of its relevance in the upcoming time of the year: the hurricane season.

We begin the data collection process through this form in order to populate this first layer, and to have better visibility of the resilience assets we have at our fingertips. Assets can be research, academic courses and programs, expert resources, student organizations, community projects, among many others.

This form has the purpose that the university community can nominate the assets that are generated in the 11 UPR campuses in the following topics:

  • Sustainable development
  • Adaptation to climate change
  • Resilience
  • Disaster preparedness and recovery

Important! We know that these topics may be related to some other sub-categories such as: engineering, community development, education, health, economics, art, design, agriculture, logistics, among many others. Don’t worry! Nominate your asset, select from one of the four categories that best describes it and then it will be re-classified if necessary. If you want to nominate more than one asset, feel free to submit the form as many times as you like!

Once this data is validated, the information will be shared in the UPR Assets Map, with the purpose of facilitating access, connectivity and linkage in the recovery and development processes of Puerto Rico. For more information, please contact the UPR Disaster Recovery Coordination team at drc.eda@upr.edu.

Help us spread the word by sharing the form with your colleagues and friends, and help us put the UPR resiliency assets on the map!

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