For T & E Reporting System Employee Instructions, press here.

ORCI 2018-2019 02– The Office for Research Compliance and Integrity removes the 125A form as a requirement of the Time and Effort process.

Manual de Usuario, HRMS: Labor Distribution (ESPAÑOL)- Contains the internal procedures that guide the system, explains in detail the transactions that are generated through Oracle Labor Distribution and how to work and record distributions of salary for the personnel involved in these processes (Post Award, Finance and/or Budget).

Time and Effort Reporting Electronic System Manual– The Time & Effort Reporting at the University has changed from a paper form (125B) to an electronic system. This document limits its scope to the Electronic Time & Effort System only. For the process of allocating effort please reference to the President’s Circular 1617-22.

Time and Effort Reporting Policies Procedures (Amended December 2018)– These procedures are provided for accomplishing the charging, reporting and certification of effort for faculty, professional and non-professional employees.

ORCI announce the new Time and Effort Electronic System– The Office for Research Compliance and Integrity Director announces the new Electronic Time & Effort Reporting System (TERS) to the UPR (March 15, 2017).

ORCI announcement- Time and Effort Report- Deadline Extension- April 21, 2017– The Office for Research Compliance and Integrity Director announces the deadline extension for the fall 2016 reporting period (New Extended Date: May 19, 2017).

R-1617-22-Actualización-Procedimiento para preparación de Informe de Tiempo y Esfuerzo- ENMIENDA-R-1213-23– UPR President circular about the new procedure for the preparation of T & E Reports (March 2017). Amends President’s Circular 1617-22.

Circular R-1213-4A Incidental Payments and Additional Compensations from Federal Awards– Establish the institutional and federal sponsor regulations regarding incidental payments and additional compensations from federal awards.

Circular R-1314-18 President’s Circular (NSF Assurances)– Clarify if fixed-priced or lump sum contracts have to abide by the requirements ad regulations expressed in OMB Circular A-21. The exception in the circular does not apply to research awards, cost reimbursement contracts and cooperative agreements.

Circular R-1112-21– Its purpose is to establish in a uniform manner the guidelines of the institutional mechanisms related to incentives and additional remunerations of the faculty actively involved in projects subsidized with external funds. These mechanisms will use the institutional base salary and the total professional effort as defined in Certifications 14 and 15 (2011-2012).


Summer Salary for Researchers and other Personnel Involved in Extra-University Funded Projects:

Circular ORCI-2016-03 (English Version and Spanish Version)- Modifies previous communications on this issue, establishes the considerations and processes to be implemented in the management of summer salaries in the face of the UPR’s strike (2016-2017 academic year). For the model letter that must be addressed to the Program Officer for summer work authorization (ORCI-2016-03 Circular Appendix), press here.

VPII and Compliance Office Clarifications- Summer Salary Treatment (May 2017)– Message from the Compliance Office Director

VPII and Compliance Office Clarifications- Summer Salary Treatment (May 2015)– Message from the Vice President and the Compliance Office Director that defines the procedure for calculating the summer salaries of researchers and other personnel involved in projects funded with extra-university funds. It should serve to resolve any doubts and ensure proper management and compliance with federal funds rules.


Federal projects after the passage of Hurricane Maria

Circular R-1718-14  (November 2017)- Clarifies doubts of the salary treatment for personnel working in federal projects during the period in which the different units were unable to operate.

OMB Administrative Relief for Grantees Impacted by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria (October 2017)- the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) identified agency actions to relieve short-term administrative, financial management and audit requirements under the Uniform Guidance at 2 C.F.R. Part 200.

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