Subrecipient Profile Questionnaire– this questionnaire must be completed internally or by the subrecipient to determines organization’s financial and management strength.

Subrecipient Risk Assessment Evaluation Form– this form should be used to determine the frequency and scope of the monitoring.

Monitoring Plan– this plan should include strategies to mitigate potential risks of non-compliance.

Finance Circular 16-07 Intercampus Sub-Award (AMENDED)– this circular was issued with the purpose of creating the 236 Fund «SubAward Intercampus» and to clarify the use of funds 231, 232, 234, 250, 260 and 270.

SERIAL ORCI-2016-01- UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO RISK MANAGEMENT PROCEDURES FOR FEDERAL GRANTS SUBAWARDS (JULY 2016)– establish the procedures to comply with the mandated review and risk management concerning subawards of federal grants where the UPR is the prime recipient (2 CFR 200.331).


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