Finance Circular 18-08 Codes for non-capital equipment ($1,000-$4,999.99)– this circular was issued with the purpose of creating the codes in the UPR’s Integrated Financial System (UFIS) for disbursements of transportation, delivery and installation of non-capital equipment ($1,000.00-$4,999.99).

Circular ORCI 2016-2017-02 Periodos Limites de Adquisiciones Cargadas a Proyectos Federales (ESPAÑOL) / Serial ORCI 2016-2017-02 Period for Adquisitions in Federal Projects (ENGLISH)– To establish internal controls so that material and equipment acquisitions charged to federal awards comply with federal regulations (2 CFR 200).

Certificacion 30 2008-2009 Reglamento de Compras (Español) / Certification 30 2008-2009 UPR Procurement Manual English– establish the rules and procedures to be followed at the University of Puerto Rico for the acquisition of equipment, supplies and non-personal services, streamline procedures for the acquisition of non-professional goods and services, and to ensure that these are of the highest quality. It also authorizes the incorporation of modern technological mechanisms and methods, such as the Internet among others, resulting in greater administrative and academic efficiency and a reduction of costs.

Finance Circular 14-18 Capital Equipment Classification (Amended) ESPAÑOL- Raise cap of $5,000 to determine capital equipment and establish the codes to register property acquired at a cost equal to or greater than $1,000 and less than $5,000 (non-capital equipment and supplies).

Finance Circular 14-19 List of Codes to be Used on Capital Equipment Purchases (ESPAÑOL)- List of UFIS codes for capital equipment equal to or greater than $ 5,000.

Finance Circular 15-01 Codes to be use for delivery and installation concepts on Capital Equipment Purchases (ESPAÑOL)- List of UFIS codes for delivery expenses and installation costs in the acquisition of capital equipment.

Finance Circular 13-22 Purchases or services payable with federal funds– Inform about the requirement of verifying that suppliers with contracts or purchases of $25,000 or more payable with federal funds
are not suspended or excluded of the System Award Management (SAM).

Credit Cards

CIRCULAR DE FINANZAS 15-25 – PROCEDIMIENTO TARJETA CREDITO CORPORATIVA INVESTIGADORES (ESPAÑOL)- Establish control and uniformity in the disbursement of public funds made through the use of corporate credit cards issued in the name of the researchers by financial institutions selected by the UPR.

CIRCULAR DE FINANZAS 16-12 (ENMENDADA)-Tope 20K Tarjetas Corporativas (ESPAÑOL)- Amendment of Article IV, Paragraph G of Circular 15-25 issued on June 5, 2015 to increase the maximum monthly allowance per card for those researchers who have «grants» of more than $ 1,000,000 per year.

UPR Corporate Credit Card Application TCC-01– Fill this form if you would like to request an application for a corporate credit card. If you need assistance on any issue of the request, please contact the corresponding campus/unit administrative official.

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