¡Thank you for nominating your resilience and sustainability assets!

The UPR DRC Team is happy to share that thanks to you, we received over 150 assets from all campuses and units related to resilience and sustainability topics. This was an essential initial stage to our data collection efforts related to the UPR Asset Map first layer. It has also been key to identify important projects and resources that could support our Island’s response and recovery efforts in the wake of any disaster we might face during this hurricane season.

We would like to thank the UPR System researchers and professors, who led the charge in sharing their campuses’ assets, since 71% of our responses came from them. Secondly, we thank all the students who mobilized and shared their campuses assets with us, as well as the essential administrative staff. Together, we took an important step in making our UPR System more resilient, and providing visibility to the numerous treasures our university has to offer. The Team received considerable amounts of assets in the following topics: sustainable development, resilience, climate change, disaster readiness and recovery, among many others. 

The Team was more than happy to see the amount of nominations received from the entire UPR System, making our desire of having each and every campus and unit represented in the UPR Asset Map. Each one is very important, and has played an important role in the response and recovery efforts of their surrounding communities.

What comes next?

This initial data request consisted of an open RFI for assets related to resilience and sustainability, as well as institutional data sets. Now, the Team moves on to contacting nominated assets for more information, connecting them to other assets that were mentioned or left out from this form, and validating the information that was received. The validation process includes conversations with the nominators, visits, and collaboration with the Team’s PoCs and Resilience Champions in each campus and unit.

What if I want to nominate more resilience and sustainability assets?

The time limit for our RFI form closed out on June 3rd, 2022, nevertheless, if you have information about any asset that you’d like to share with the team in these areas you can send us an email to drc.eda@upr.edu with all the information about your asset and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

Once again, we thank you for your collaboration and we look forward to putting all these assets on the Map!