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Entrepreneurship and innovation plan

The UPR has been recognized for its educational excellence and for promoting the socio-economic development of Puerto Rico. The institution’s innovation ecosystem has had the most significant impact on the island and the Caribbean region. The UPR encourages the emergence of new entrepreneurs by establishing specialized support programs and centers in each of its 11 campuses and units.

Among the varied academic offerings available, the UPR offers a bachelor’s degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Graduate School of Business Administration of the Río Piedras Campus, with more than 190 professors trained in innovation and entrepreneurship.

The UPR Río Piedras Innovation and Marketing Support Center (UPR i+c) stands out among the large-scale innovation and entrepreneurship projects developed here. The UPR i+c fosters a culture of innovation and provides students with the necessary tools for the design and commercialization of innovations.

Likewise, the Center for Business and Economic Development operates at the Mayagüez Campus. This center promotes the development of the business ecosystem and the mobilization of multidisciplinary human and technical resources present in the UPR system to stimulate innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic development. In the last five years, this center has supported the creation of more than 20 companies.

Meanwhile, the Ponce Smart Hub was developed at the UPR Ponce Campus. The Ponce Smart Hub is dedicated to supporting small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. Here they have a place to develop their projects and, at the same time, generate new jobs for the southern zone. The Ponce Smart Hub also serves as a laboratory for the institution’s researchers.


Patents and services

In the area of patents, the UPR has achieved a growth of more than 30% in the last three years, for a total that exceeds 107 patents. On average, the current work allows the institution to add an average of 8 to 10 patents per fiscal year to the patent portfolio. The revenue generated due to licenses amounts to about $134,000. Approximately 60% of this revenue has been generated in the past four years. The institution offers services of orientation and advice in the area of patents, among other services.



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As the leading teaching and scientific center on the island, the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) continuously works to identify resources that benefit students with financial needs while also supporting the development of new educational and research projects and initiatives.

Each donation that the institution receives is destined to restricted accounts for the campus, unit, or initiative of the donor’s preference. We offer our donors the confidence that their contribution will be an investment that will provide continuity to the project they wish to support.

Make your donation to the UPR today. Support education and scientific development in Puerto Rico by visiting https://www.upr.edu/donaciones/


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