Investigadores: Dra. Isar Godreau, Dr. José Caraballo Cueto

Descripción: This study explores the impact of skin color bias due to racial discrimination on physical health disparities in Puerto Rico. Aware of the inadequacy of standard OMB-census ethno-racial categories for capturing racial differences among Latinos, we use skin color scales in a health survey conducted in Puerto Rico with the collaboration of BRFSS. We believe that colorism plays significant role in physical health outcomes of dark-skinned Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico and that skin color is a better health predictor than OMB categories. Our preliminary results from Propensity Score Matching indicate that Puerto Ricans of the lightest skin tone fair better in both general health and chronic conditions than Puerto Ricans who self-described as being of the darkest skin tones. Preliminary findings underscore the importance of considering how racial discrimination impacts the health of Latino populations in their home countries.