Investigadoras: Dra. Mariluz Franco y Dra. Danielle Clealand

Afroboricua2.jpgDescripción de la investigación: “This project explores both racism in Puerto Rico and public opinion regarding its existence on the island. The study will employ a survey of black Puerto Ricans to answer the following questions: 1) Have blacks in Puerto Rico experienced racism discrimination and if so, what was the nature of the experience? 2) How do Puerto Ricans define racism in the island? 3) Do racism and racial inequality produce notions of solidarity and/or racial consciousness among black Puerto Ricans? In addressing these questions, this course will add to the 7 conversation regarding racist practices in Puerto Rico and what effect they have on those who experience discrimination. The course will also address the issue of silence regarding race in Puerto Rico and how the negation of the presence of structural racism has affected public opinion on the issue. In other words, do people believe that racism is present only among a few individuals or are people aware of the systemic practices that contribute to black subordination and racial inequality?”