Investigador: Julio Cammarota (The University of Arizona)

We propose to analyze the socioemotional realm as it intersects with the ecological and cultural conditions faced by college students, their families, their communities, and the wider socio-economic environment. We intend to examine both the effects of trauma as well as the resilient behaviors employed by UPR, Cayey students who have endured the economic and natural disasters impacting Puerto Rico. Furthermore, we aim to accomplish this investigation by utilizing frameworks that recognize college students’ cultural resources as strengths and assets (Kiyama & Rios-Aguilar, 2017). We are interested in investigating the various and creative ways in which students negotiate and bolster their resiliency to challenge the socio-emotional impacts of trauma. In other words, students may rely on a range of different strategies and practices, including artistic expression, social justice activism or therapeutic dialogue, to heal from trauma and persist on the path to achieving their academic goals.