Investigador: José Caraballo Cueto

This course aims to discuss the related economic literature and gather solid information on the relationship between natural disaster and labor market outcomes by integrating students in the research project. The two main objectives of our research are: Objective 1: To evaluate the existent literature and data about the economic consequences of natural disasters in Puerto Rico and in other jurisdictions. Objective 2: To determine how has the reservation wages and other labor indicators change in respond to the high forced unemployment related to the lock-down and to the unemployment insurance policies enacted at the federal and local level, in two of the poorest communities in Puerto Rico. Student RAs will have to write a research report or a review paper addressing a related topic. As part of the course, students will present their findings to non-academic groups either at the surveyed communities or at local or U.S.-based conferences and poster sessions. Findings from this research will yield recommendations that can be of interest to community organizations and policymakers.