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Physical Therapy Associations

Student Association of Physical Therapy

Within the framework of the freedom for the association of the students of the university system, the students of the Physical Therapy program have their own Association. This Association intends to gather the largest number of students in this discipline with the purpose of achieving a commitment in the important role they have as future providers of Physical Therapy services within the health services system of Puerto Rico.


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Puerto Rican Association of Physiotherapy (APF)

It is a non-profit organization that brings together professionals and students of physiotherapy in Puerto Rico. It was founded in 1976. He is a member of the World Confederation for Physical Therap (WCPT).

Benefits for the student who becomes a member:

  1. Be part of an organization that represents you
  2. Representation in the World Confederation of Physical Therapy
  3. Receive the Physical Therapy Newsletter Today
  4. Discount in continuing education courses
  5. Discounts on the activities of the Annual Convention
  6. Voice and vote in the APF Assemblies (as established by the Regulations)
  7. Actively participate in the work carried out by the different Work Committees and the Board of Directors
  8. Participation in the Social Activities
  9. Share ideas and concerns with other professionals

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For additional information you can call or send a fax to the following telephone: (787) 754-8509.

You can also write to the following address: GPO Box 366272, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 00936-6272

American Physical Therapy Association

Website: www.apta.org

UPR Humacao – Physical Therapy Department – Call Box 860 – Humacao, PR 00792
Location: Physical Therapy Building
Campus Map – Building #15
(787) 850-9390, (787) 850-9423
tefi.uprh@upr.edu, @TEFIUPRH , TEFI.UPRH