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Academic Program

Associate Degree in Physical Therapy

The Associate Degree Program in Physical Therapy is a Program within the health sciences that prepares students to work as Physical Therapist Assistant. These assistants are health care providers trained to assist the Physical Therapist in the offerings of Physical Therapy services.

Through a comprehensive curriculum, which includes three varied clinical experiences, theoretical knowledge and clinical skills are provided. The professional modeling of the academic and clinical faculty is fundamental. Students are prepared to obtain and maintain professional credentials through a revalidation exam and continuing education, according to state and federal regulations, so that they can practice as Physical Therapist Assistant in Puerto Rico and throughout the world.

Who is the Physical Therapist’s Assistant?
The physical therapist assistant (ATF) provides physical therapy services under the direction and supervision of a Physical Therapist. ATFs help people of all ages who have medical problems, or other health-related conditions that limit their ability to move and perform functional activities in their daily lives. The care provided by the ATF may include the following: teaching the patient / client mobility exercises; increased strength and coordination; train him for activities such as walking on crutches, canes, or walkers; massage; and the use of physical agents and electrotherapy such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation.

The admission requirements of the Associate Degree in Physical Therapy for the 2018-2019 academic year will be the following:

The quota and admission requirements for New Entry students will be:

IGS – 280
Quota – 20 students
The admission requirements for Reclassification and Transfer will be:

Guidance by the Academic Advisor or the Director before filing the application.
24 credits approved
Minimum competitive academic average: 2.50
* Comply with 4 hours of observation in a clinical setting of Physical Therapy
The admission requirements for Transfers will be:

Guidance by the Academic Advisor or the Director before filing the application.
24 credits approved
Minimum competitive academic average: 3.00 **
** Institutional academic norm
* Comply with 4 hours of observation in a clinical scenario of Physical Therapy.
* Note: The interview and the hours of observation will be conducted by those candidates who are cited by the Admission Committee of the Department.

General information:

It is highly recommended for New Students who receive guidance on the Program by the Academic Counselor or the Director before filing the application.
Only applications for admission of August 2018 are considered.
The courses are offered in daytime session and in the Spanish language.
It is a program with high demand and the IGS, in addition to the academic average, are competitive for the limitation in the quota.
The general quota for the suggested program is 36 students.
The quota for students who will be admitted to the Program through the processes of: readmission, reclassification, transfer, transfer and extended admission is 16 spaces.
The processes in time will have priority at the moment of being considered.
We are a high demand program and we have a limited capacity, so the IGS and Academic Average are competitive.

After the exam is passed, the Examining Board will grant you a license that authorizes you to practice as Assistant Physiotherapist (ATF). Once your license has been granted, the Physiotherapist’s Assistant must maintain your current license through the re-certification process. This requirement responds to Law 11 of June 23, 1976, as amended, known as the Comprehensive Reform Law. You must take continuing education courses, until you accumulate a total of 21 hours every three years, as established by the Regulations of the Examining Board. It is the responsibility of the ATF, upon re-certification, to submit evidence of compliance with this requirement.

Once the student completes the requirements of the Associate Degree in Physical Therapy, he must comply with the Law regulating the practice of Physiotherapy in Puerto Rico (Law 114 of June 29, 1962, as amended). The Law establishes as a requirement, to take and pass the revalidation exam offered by the Physical Therapy Examining Board of Puerto Rico.

Among the requirements to take the exam are the following:

Fill the application
Original and recent Birth Certificate
Recent Criminal Record Certificate
Official Credit Transcript
Degree Degree Certification as completing the Degree
There are requirements that the graduate must complete to process his revalidation exam application. For more information, the student may contact the Examining Board at the following address:

Puerto Rico Physical Therapy Examining Board

Tel. (787) 999-8989 ext. 6593

Physical address

Building GM Group Third (3rd) floor

Ave. Ponce de León # 1590

(In front of the old building Electronics)

Río Piedras (Entering marginal between Subway and City Mattress)


Postal and electronic address

Office of Regulation and Certification of Health Professionals

PO Box 10200 Santurce, P.R. 00908-0200

Email: mmlugo@salud.gov.pr

The Physiotherapist Assistant can be employed in a variety clinical settings such as:

  • Private and Public Hospitals
  • Pediatric Centers
  • Home Health Services Programs
  • Private Offices
  • Hospices
  • Aging Centers
  • Sports Medicine Centers
  • Nursing Home
  • Rehabilitation Centers and School programs among others



Although the Assistant of the Physiotherapist is licensed to practice, it is required by law to keep his re-certification up to date.

La matrícula de estudiante regular se procesa en el mes de agosto y enero de cada año académico y se llevará a cabo de acuerdo al Calendario Académico emitido por la Oficina de Registraduría y aprobado por la Junta Administrativa. El estudiante se presentará para pagar su matrícula y tendrá los siguientes cargos:
$47 por cada crédito (estudiantes de nuevo ingreso 2008-09)
$45 por cada crédito (estudiantes de nuevo ingreso 2007-08)
$40 por cada crédito (estudiantes de nuevo ingreso previo al 2007)
$47 cuota de construcción o $10, si es estudiante de DECEP
$5 tarjeta de identificación, si es estudiante de nuevo ingreso o todo aquel que la haya perdido
$25 cuota de tecnología
$33 por cada laboratorio
Pagos tardíos para el estudiante regular tendrá un recargo de $13.00.

Todo estudiante regular debe estar cubierto por un plan médico. Al momento de pagar tiene que presentar su tarjeta de plan de salud vigente. De lo contrario, se acogerá al plan médico estudiantil que la Universidad tenga contratado.

Si el estudiante tiene una exención otorgada por la Universidad de Puerto Rico o alguna agencia auspiciadora, tiene que presentar el formulario al momento de pagar en la fecha de matrícula.

Si los cursos que tomarán los estudiantes de DECEP son autoliquidables, el costo será de $60 por crédito.

Además de estos costos, el estudiante admitido al Programa de Terapia Física es responsable de cubrir los gastos que conllevan las prácticas clínicas tales como: matrícula, transportación, uniforme, hospedaje de ser necesario, entre otros gastos.


Año de Admisión a la UPR COSTO POR AÑO VERANO
2007 $ 1,575.00 $162.00
2008 $ 1,645.00 $166. 00

Datos hasta agosto 2008

Visita la Oficina de Asistencia Económica para más información.



In the process of completion of the Degree, the student performs three clinical practices. The first takes place during the second semester of the First Year. The following two practices are carried out in the summer of the first and second year respectively. These experiences are carried out in hospitals, private offices, throughout the Island, and sometimes outside of Puerto Rico, by arrangement with the practice coordinator. It is important that the student make the necessary adjustments, for travel and lodging expenses, so that these experiences culminate in a successful way.

The Associate Degree Program in Physical Therapy offers Academic Guidance to students enrolled in the Program and to those students and community in general interested in some aspect of the Program.

The interested person can call the Department (787-850-9390) to request an appointment with the Academic Counselor during business hours 8:00 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm

The Academic Counselor offers guidance to the Program student regarding:

Academic progress
Employment opportunities
It also offers help in solving the problems faced by the student in his university life. Refer the student to other services available to the UPRH: Department of Counseling, Social Work, Psychology, Economic Assistance, Medical Services, Registrar, services to students with disabilities (SERPI), among others, according to the needs of the student.


UPR Humacao – Physical Therapy Department – Call Box 860 – Humacao, PR 00792
Location: Physical Therapy Building
Campus Map – Building #15
(787) 850-9390, (787) 850-9423
tefi.uprh@upr.edu, @TEFIUPRH , TEFI.UPRH