Physical Therapy Department

The Department of Physical Therapy of the University of Puerto Rico in Humacao offers the Associate Degree Program in Physical Therapy. It is accredited by CAPTE since 1970.


Prepare Physiotherapist Assistants, who possess the most advanced knowledge and skills in clinical physiotherapy sciences. Through a comprehensive curriculum, varied clinical experiences and professional modeling of a competent academic and clinical faculty, we intend to prepare students to obtain and maintain the highest credentials according to state and federal regulations; so that they can practice as Physical Therapist Assistants both in Puerto Rico and internationally.
Contribute to the professional training of the Assistant to carry out a practice of physiotherapy in an ethical, legal and safe way, to fulfill his role and to assume responsibility as Assistant Physiotherapist, maintaining a holistic vision of the human being, and that Be sensitive to the physical, emotional and social needs of all those who receive their services.
Contribute to the training of Physiotherapist Assistants so that they can recognize the scope and limitations of their competences; that through critical judgment they can make decisions and provide adequate solutions to the problems they face.

Encourage the continuous search for updated knowledge, through different educational activities, and prepare future leaders, who feel committed to promoting and lobbying for the growth of physical therapy in Puerto Rico and internationally.


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If needing to contact the program/institution directly, please call Karla Tolentino, 787-850-9390 or email Department of Physical Therapy at University of PuertoRico at Humacao is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE), 1111 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314; telephone: 703-706-3245; email:; website:

Associate Degree Program in Physical Therapy

This is a Health Program aimed at preparing Physical Therapist Assistants. The Program has a duration of two years, which includes two summers. It is within the health sciences that prepares the student to work as a Physical Therapist Assistant. These assistants are health care providers trained to assist the Physical Therapist in offering Physical Therapy services.


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  1. Obtain and maintain the professional credentials that authorize him to practice as an Assistant to the Physical Therapist or Physiotherapist (ATF).
  2.  Work under the direction and supervision of a physical therapist or physiotherapist.
  3.  It will carry out the collection of data related to tests and measures and will apply specifically affected, typical of its competences, as selected by the physiotherapist.
  4. Will carry out its role as ATF in an ethical, legal and safe manner, demonstrating success and assertiveness in its performance and resistance in high regard to the problems of the practice of the physiotherapy profession.
  5.  Carried out following the criteria established in the codes of ethics of the profession (“American Association of Physiotherapy, APTA”, Puerto Rican Association of Physiotherapy), including its ability to clarify professional values ​​and distinguish them from personal and social values.
  6. Showed a behavior that reflects his commitment to the expectations of the members of the profession of physical therapy and to those who benefit from his services as Assistant Physiotherapist.
  7.  Understand the content of the care plan, as designed by the physiotherapist, for the achievement of short and long term goals and expected results.
  8.  Use verbal and nonverbal communication that is assertive, effective, specifically and capable, with the patient / client, the physiotherapist, other members of the health team and with the community in general.
  9.  Read and interpret professional literature related to physical therapy and health in general, as an important element in promoting their learning throughout life.
    It will document in a precise, clear, concise and timely manner, in the clinical file and in other documents related to the provision of physical therapy services, following the guidelines and formats required by law regulations and the practice scenario.
  10.  Participates in the process of writing discharge plans and monitoring patients / clients, as specified by the physiotherapist.
    Participate in activities aimed at quality control of physical therapy and health services in general.
  11.  Demonstrate understanding and sensitivity to the factors involved in the accuracy of physical therapy services offered by patients / clients, consumers and the community in general. These factors include: social, cultural, ethical, legal and economic aspects, among others.
  12. Apply independent, critical and reflective thinking skills in problem solving, emergency management, and in the planning and organization of physical therapy services.
  13.  Will work as an integral member of the health team, in which he will instruct and educate other team members, patients / clients, patients and the community in general, using technical devices, programs, materials and activities appropriate to the learning characteristics and styles of the hearing, under the direction and supervision of a Physical Therapist or Physiotherapist.
  14.  Will educate others about the role of the Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant, including the role of the ATF in the student’s clinical education for ATF.
    Show leadership skills and social awareness, supporting and participating in the organizations of the discipline and other community service organizations.
  15. We show your commitment to meet the needs of patients / clients, consumers and the community, of physical therapy services.

This document was discussed and approved with amendments by the faculty at a meeting held on September 18, 2008. They are incorporated.

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