Dr. Raúl A. Pérez-Rivera

Role: Professor

School: University of Puerto Rico at Humacao

Department: Biology

Telephone: (787) 850-0000 x 9162

Email: raul.perez8@upr.edu

Education – Professional Preparation:

1980    PhD, Candidate Wildlife Management                    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

1976     Invertebrate Zoology                                              University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus

1970    General Biology                                                      University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus  


Other Training

Breeding and Conservation of Endangered Species Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust, England, 1987.

Control of Epizootics U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Patuxent, Maryland, 1991.

Use of Vertebrates for Research NIH University of Arizona, Tucson. Arizona, 1992.

Husbandry and Captive Breeding of Amphibians and Reptiles, Toledo Zoo, Ohio, 1994.


Academic Experience

Professor, Biology Department. UPR, Humacao Campus, 1994 to present.

Associate Professor, Biology Department. UPR, Humacao Campus, 1987.

Instructor of Biology, Universidad Del Turabo, Gurabo, Puerto Rico, 1983.

Assistant Professor, Biology Department. UPR, Humacao Campus, 1982.

Instructor, Biology Department. UPR, Humacao Campus, 1980.

Assistant Instructor, Biology Department. UPR, Cayey Campus, 1972.


Non-Academic Experience

Aspen all Energies Inc., Scientific Consultant in Flora and Fauna, 2010-2016.

San Juan Wildlife Museum – Scientific Consultant in Fauna, 2008-2010.

Servicios Técnicos y Científicos –Scientific Consultant in Flora and Fauna, 2004-2011.

International Union for Conservation of Nature – Re-introduc. Specialist Group, 1998.

International Council for bird Preservation Specialist Group Breeding of Parrots and Pigeons, 1993.



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Recent Service Activities

Attracting hummingbirds, Assoc. for the Conservation of Bromeliads of PR, 2018.

Curriculum Committee, Dept. of Biology – UPR-Humacao, 2019.

Institutional Review Board (IRB), UPR-Humacao, 2019.

Construction of inexpensive bird feeders ParaLaNaturaleza, San Juan, PR, 2019.

Recent Publications (more than100 scientific papers and more than 50 for general public).

Pérez-Rivera, R.A., L. A. Pieretti-Quiñonez and O. Nieves-Rosario. 2020. Breeding in immature plumage and polygamy in the Puerto Rican Spindalis (Spindalis portoricensis). J. of Caribbean Ornithology. In review. 

Pérez-Rivera, R. A. 2020. La importancia de la Familia Todidae en las Antillas. Bien-te- veo. In Press.  

Pérez-Rivera, R.A. 2020. Cambios en la avifauna del campus de la Universidad de Puerto Rico en Humacao luego del paso del huracán María. Exégesis 2:132-144.  

Pérez-Rivera, R.A. 2019. Use of Millipedes as Food and for Self-Anointing by the Puerto Rican Grackle (Quiscalus nigari brachypterus). Ornitología Neotropical. 30:69-71.

Pérez-Rivera, R.A. 2019. Unusual sightings and displacement of birds in Puerto Rico after Hurricane María. Journal of Caribbean Ornithology Vol. 32(4):77-80. 

Pérez-Rivera, R.A. 2018. El efecto del huracán María sobre algunas especies de psitácidos en Puerto Rico. Bien-te-veo. 23(1):11-18. 

Pérez-Rivera, R. A. 2018. Important Plants for Urban Birds in Puerto Rico, After the Impact of a Severe Hurricane. Equilibrium 2:20-33. 

Pérez-Rivera, R.A. 2016. Historia de la Ornitología en Puerto Rico en los Últimos 50 años. Bien-te-veo 21(1):6-14.

Pérez-Rivera, R. A. 2016. El estatus de los búhos en Puerto Rico. Bien-te-veo 21(2):6-16. 

Pérez-Rivera, R. A. 2015. Los Gorriones Exóticos de Puerto Rico. Bien-te-veo 20(2):5-9.

Carlo, T. A. Pérez-Rivera, R. A. and Gleditsch, J. M. 2012. Folivory rates in a tropical tanager spectrum of plant use and relationship to phenology of fruiting plants. Journal of Field Ornithology 83(1):11-16. 


Resent Professional Development Activities

XI Congress on research and academic creativity, UPR-Carolina, May. 2018.

Nobel Price Martin Chalfie dissertation on GFP, UPR-Humacao, Oct. 3. 2019.

Professional Improvement Day, UPR-Humacao, August. 2019.

Current Membership in Professional Organizations

American Society of Field Ornithologists.

Puerto Rican Ornithological Society and Caribbean Ornithological Society.

Inicio Departamento
UPR Humacao – Departamento de Biología – Call Box 860 – Humacao, PR 00792
Teléfono: (787) 850-9388, (787) 850-9483
biol.uprh@upr.edu, @UPRH , UPRH