sylvia velez

Profa. Sylvia M. Vélez Villamil

Role: Professor

School: University of Puerto Rico at Humacao

Department: Biology

Telephone: (787) 850-0000


Education – Professional Preparation:

1977    BS Biology                                   University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus

1982    MS Marine Sciences                   University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus


Academic experience

University of Puerto Rico Humacao, Professor, Coordinator Costal Marine Biology Program 2019- until now and 2008-10. Teaching experience; UPRH 1995-until now. UPRA 1985-1987.


Non-academic Experience :

UPRM Sea Grant Program, consultant specialist in Marine Botany 1982-1983 part-time.


Recent professional development activities

Hostess and liaison for our students in the project of Dr. Joseph Luczkovich, East Carolina. University, Ciguatera Hot Spots. Some of our students were recruited for graduate school. 2019

Pulse workshop. 2019-7-8.

Hostess and liaison in UPRH with Florida Atlantic University Harbor Branch in Queen Conch culture, 2020.


Service activities (within and outside of the institution)

Harimau Conservation Student Association, Humacao, Advisor, 2019.

Research team from East Carolina University in Ciguatera Hot Spot Project, hostess, 2019.

Orientation in dinoflagellates culture to UPRRP graduate student, 2018-until now.

Open House, UPRH, 2019.

Welcome meeting for freshman students of Coastal Marine Biology, 2018-9-5.

Meetings for the study and preservation of Bioluminescent Laguna Grande Fajardo, with different agencies public and private, 2016 to 2018.

Research on the presence of coliform bacteria in Laguna Grande, Fajardo, 2018, with student Zabdiel Roldán.  The results were inconclusive therefore it was not published. 

Seminar of dinoflagellates diversity in Laguna Grande, for Para La Naturaleza 2016.

Creation of a digital poster journal Bioacuática (Biodigital now) for students in Biology UPRH 2016 until now. Biodigital-UPRH.

Member of Department Personal Committee, 2016-until now.

Phytoplankton diversity research in Humacao Natural Resources Lagoons. Students Valerie Santiago Hernández, Carol Santana Ortiz, 2016. The results were inconclusive therefore it was not published. 

Students from the University of UMET who requested the identification of three species of seaweed were attended. Shahrazad Yassin Dayekh, Chemistry Undergraduate, School of Science and Technology, Metropolitan University. 2016.


Martínez, E., Vélez, S.M., Mayo, M., & Sastre, M.P. 2016. Acute toxicity assessment of N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide (DEET) on the oxygen flux of the dinoflagellate Gymnodinium instriatum. Ecotoxicology. 25(1):248-52.



Nevárez, J. Cadilla, M. Torres, Z. Roldán, S. M. Vélez-Villamil and M. P. Sastre. Planktonic taxa composition in the Laguna Grande Basin, Puerto Rico.  Presented in ASLO 2019.

A. Roldán-Ayala,  M. P. Sastre  and S. M. Vélez-Villamil. First Report of the Genus Lepidodinium (Dinophyceae) for Puerto Rico.  Presented in ASLO 2019.

Antuna-Castillo, J. Ortiz-Zayas, J. Meléndez-Díaz, B. Rosa, S. Vélez-Villamil and M. Sastre. 2017. Changes in the Planktonic composition of Laguna Grande, Puerto Rico, following the 2015 Sargassum sp. bloom. Presented in ASLO 2017.

Dávila-Santiago, E.  M. P. Sastre, S. M. Vélez-Villamil. 2015. The effect of commercial grade 5% DEET mosquito repellent on in vitro populations of the dinoflagellate Gynodinium instriatum. Presented in ASLO 2015 and SEEDS 2015.

Vélez-Villamil, S.M. 2014. Three-eyed Lobatus gigas.  American Conchologist,9:17.

Vélez, S. M. 2008.  The life history of Helminthora anomala (Nemaliales, Rhodophyta) in culture. Carib. J. Sci. 44(3):  355-360.

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Vélez-Villamil, S.M., R.M. Vega Pagán, y C.I. García Ríos. 2000. Primer informe de Trichogloeopsis pedicellata (M. Howe) I.A. Abbott y Doty (NEMALIONALES, RHODOPHYTA) para Puerto Rico. Carib. J. Sci. 36:  151-153.             

Vélez, S.M. and D.L. Ballantine. 1989. The Life History and Development of Centroceras clavulatum (C.Agardh) Montagne (Rhodophyceae, Ceramiaceae) in Culture. Carib. J. Sci. 25:9-12.

Ballantine, D.L., W.H. Gerwick, S.M. Vélez, E. Alexander and P. Guevara. 1987. Antibiotic Activity of Lipid Soluble Extracts from Caribbean Marine Algae. Hydrobiologia 151/152: 463-469.

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