Dr. Francisco J. Pagán Falcón

Role: Professor

School: University of Puerto Rico at Humacao

Department: Biology

Telephone: (787) 850-9388


Education Professional Preparation  

1988              B.A.  Microbiology                                      University of Puerto Rico- Bayamón

1996              M.D. Medicine                                            San Juan Bautista School of Medicine Caguas PR


Academic experience 

Assistant Professor UPR-Humacao, Biology, 1998 – present


Courses I have taught

Human Anatomy and Physiology I, Biol 1011.

Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory I, Biol 1012.

Human Anatomy and Physiology II, Biol 1013.

Laboratory of Human Anatomy and Physiology II, Biol 1014.

Elemental Microbiology, Biol 2001.

Elemental Microbiology Laboratory, Biol 2002.

Human Biology Laboratory II, Biol 3234.

Fundamentals of Biology I, CIBI 3001.

Fundamentals of Biology II, CIBI 3002.

Professional associations                   

Society of Microbiologists of PR-UPR-Rio Piedras.

American Society for Microbiology, Washington D.C.



Professional improvement                

Kaplan Medical for USMLE Step II classes. Mennonite Hospital in Caguas (Former San Juan Bautista Hospital in Caguas), 1999.

Sign language classes (basic). San Antonio Collage, Rio Piedras, P.R, 2001.

Examination of revalidation of approved Medicine of Clinical Sciences. Rubén Rodríguez Coliseum, Bayamón, P.R, 2001.

PULSE educational workshop. Amphitheater of Administrative Sciences. University of Puerto Rico-Humacao, 2019.

Exam of revalidation of approved medicine of Basic Sciences. Guillermo Ortiz Activities Room, ILA Building, 2002.


Participation in committees              

Occupational Health Committee (1998-2000).

Digitalization Project Biblio TV (2005-2006).

Student Appeal Committee (2009).

Institutional recycling committee (2006-present).

Evaluation Committee (2004-2006) and (2013-2014).

Institutional Research Committee with Human Beings 2015-present).

Caribbean Flora and Fauna Symposium Committee (1998-2006) and 2015-present).

Personnel Committee (2016).


Services to the institution                  

Participation as Judge in the Regional Scientific Fair. Humacao – 2002-2004, 2013 and 2016

Educational Region. 2000-2001Guest professor coordinator.


Creation and dissemination activities                                            

Student debate Endocrine System in progress Biol 1013, 2000-present.

Use of Cooperative Learning Techniques in progress Biol 1012-1014, 2000-present.

UPR-Humacao Library, 1979-2005.

Audiovisual Room II UPR-Bayamón, 1979-2005.

Photographic exhibition Between hurricanes and meteorological   instruments. UPRHumacao Library Third floor, 2005.

Conference From Africa to the Caribbean and North America: trajectory of hurricanes, 2005.

Conference from Africa to the Caribbean and North America: trajectory of hurricanes, 2005.   

Introduction Biblio TV to the students of Biol 2001 (Mrs. Aida Morales de audiovisual). UPR-Humacao.

Inicio Departamento
UPR Humacao – Departamento de Biología – Call Box 860 – Humacao, PR 00792
Teléfono: (787) 850-9388, (787) 850-9483, @UPRH , UPRH