BIOL Deborah Nieves

Dra. Deborah E. Nieves Méndez

Role: Professor

School: University of Puerto Rico at Humacao

Department: Biology

Telephone: (787) 850-9388


Education Professional Preparation  

1993              BS Microbiology                 University of Puerto Rico, Humacao Campus

2001              Ph. D.  Microbiology           University of Puerto Rico, Medical Science Campus



Academic experience 

  • Assistant Professor of Biology, Ana G. Mendez University-Carolina Campus, 2001-2002
  • Associate Professor in Microbiology, University of Puerto Rico-Humacao Campus, 2002-2020
  • Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, University of Puerto Rico-Humacao Campus, 2020- present


Membership in professional societies:

  • American Society of Microbiology
  • American Society of Parasitology

Service activities:

  • Development and Implementation of a Continuing Education Certificate in Industrial Biotechnology Techniques for pharmaceutical professionals at the University of Puerto Rico-Humacao Campus
  • Development and Coordination for the educational proposal Enhancing undergraduate and workers education in DNA and Protein Analysis granted by INTECO (Technological Initiative Eastern Center) and WIRED Program for pharmaceutical and biotechnology professionals
  • Collaboration and implementation of the educational project Opening Doors for High School Hispanic Students from the Puerto Rico Eastern Region granted by the Minority, Science and Engineering Improvement Program of the Federal Department of Education
  • Coordination of the Quinquennial Review Reports for the Microbiology and Biology Programs-University of Puerto Rico-Humacao Campus
  • Collaboration in the development of the MSCHE (Middle States Committee of Higher Education) Periodic Review Report of the University of Puerto Rico-Humacao Campus
  • Liaison and coordinator of the UPRH exhibits and academic orientation of high school students during the PR STEM Up To The Challenge Convention sponsored by Amgen, G-Works Company, and PR Bioscience Alliance
  • Liaison to Amgen Educational Committee (Juncos site) for the University of Puerto Rico-Humacao Campus
  • Member of the FOPI (Fund for Faculty Research at the UPRH) Committee
  • Liaison to the Educational Infrastructure Committee of INDUNIV Research Consortium /Life Science Clusters for the University of Puerto Rico-Humacao Campus
  • Participation in the 2018 PULSE Ambassador Training Program at University of Puget Sound Tacoma, Washington


Recent Professional Development Activities

  • Certificate of completion for FERPA: Confidentiality of Records, August 2019
  • Conference: Active shooter preparation, August 2019
  • Distance education certification (Ventura County Community College District), June 2020
  • Distance education and online courses certification (University of Puerto Rico-Humacao Campus), July 2020

Publications and presentations

  • Casillas-Martinez, L., M. L. González, Z. Fuentes-Figueroa, C. M. Castro, Nieves-Méndez, C., Hernández, W. Ramírez, R. Systma, J. Pérez-Jiménez, and P. T., Visscher. Community structure, geochemical characteristics, and mineralogy of a hypersaline microbial mat, Cabo Rojo, P.R.  Geomicrobiology Journal, 2005, Vol. 22: 269-281
  •  Nieves, D., and W. Kozek. 2009.   Oral Presentation.  Dirofilaria immitis: Structure of its Anterior Nervous System and Immunoreactivity to FMRFamide in Principal Ganglia.  Second European Dirofilaria Days. University of Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain. September 14-16.
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