Biol Isabel Cintron

Dra. Isabel G. Cintrón García


Role: Professor

School: University of Puerto Rico at Humacao

Department: Biology

Telephone: (787) 850-0000 x-9162



1996    Ph.D    Biology, Concentration: Molecular & Cellular Biology University of Puerto Rico


Academic Experience:

Full Professor, Department of Biology, UPRH PR, 2004-present

Associate Professor, Department of Biology, UPRH, PR, 2000-2004

Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, UPRH, PR, 1996-2000


Certifications or Professional Registrations:

Training on a Cell Free Transcription System University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, fall 1991.

BRL Recombinant DNA techniques WorkshopUniversity of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras, PR. Summer 1991.

BRL DNA Protein Interactions Workshop Life Technologies, Inc. Training Center, Germantown, MD, summer 1993.

Workshop on: Bioremediation for a clean environment (Sponsored by the Center for Microbial Ecology from Michigan State University and UPR-Humacao, April 1998.

Physiology Course Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA, summer 1988.



English and Spanish

Honors and Awards:

Received a Productivity Award by UPRH, March 1999.

Received a Teacher Merit Award by the General Biology Students, Association from the Recruited as training faculty for Workshops on Biology for Secondary School teachers.  Sponsored by ALACIMA project (Sponsored by NFS). Summer, 2003-12.

University of Puerto Rico at Humacao, March, 2013.

Service Activities

Co-PI, Research Experience as a BRIDGES to the Baccalaureate Degree NIH Grant number: 1 R25 GM62027-01 ($650,000), 2000-2002.

Research training- Diversity of Extreme Prokaryotic Halophiles in Tropical Solar Salterns Ponds. ADVANCE Program of UPR-H, 2003-2005.

Co- Assessment Coordinator for the General Biology BS program Of the UPRH- Certification #43, 2014-2015.

Member of Departmental Committee in charge of the curricular revision of the four Biology academic BS programs, UPRH, 2018-2020.


Recent Professional Development Activities

PULSE Vision & Change Ambassadors Workshop, UPRH, May 2019.

Teaching Workshop, UPRH, May 2019.

XIV Professional Improvement Forum- Transforming Teaching Practices,  UPRH, October 2019.

Relevant Publications:

Cintrón, I., Capo, L., Plazaola, A., Arroyo, G. and G.C. Candelas. A Spider tRNA       requieres a far upstream sequence element for expression. Gene 231:195-201, 1999.

Cintrón, I., Arroyo, G., Candelas, T., Capo, L. and Candelas, G.C. Cell-free transcription of alanine tRNA genes of Nephila clavipes. Annual Meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology. Mol. and Cell Biol. (Suppl.) 5, 86a, 1994.

Cintrón, I., Capó, L., Arroyo, G., Plazaola, A. and Candelas, G.C… An optimized cell-free transcription system for the characterization of RNA polymerase III genes. Advances in Modern Biotechnology 3, I.15, 1995. 

Arroyo, G., Capó, L., Cintrón, I., Plazaola, A., Vázquez, E. y Candelas, G.C. Las glándulas ampuladas mayores de Nephila clavipes: un sistema modelo lucrativo. Ciencia y Desarrollo 22:24-31, 1996.

Pérez-Chiesa, Y., Cintrón, I. and Morales, E… fs (1)5e: female-sterile (1)5e. Drosophila Information Service 61: 215, 1986.

Varios autores. Manual de Laboratorio de Biología General II, UPRH, 2001.

Varios autores. Manual de Laboratorio de Bioogía General –I, UPRH, 2001.

Baerga, C, Cintrón, I y Dávila, I.  Manual de Laboratorio de Genética. UPRH, 2003.

Inicio Departamento
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Teléfono: (787) 850-9388, (787) 850-9483, @UPRH , UPRH