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In June 2004, the University of Puerto Rico Board of Trustees, by virtue of Certification Number 138, required that all academic programs submit to external accreditation processes. Consequently, UPR academic programs have undergone rigorous self-evaluation efforts that have culminated in accreditation buy their respective accreditation agencies. The Business Administration  Program of the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao (UPRH), which was revised in 2000, began  the self-study process in the 2008-2009 AY based on its stated mission, vision, and objectives, as well as the Standard and Criteria established by the ACBSP.

The information provided in thyself-study is the result oh the collaboration of faculty, students, administrative staff, UPRH officials, and other stakeholders. Because of recommendations made during the assessment process and the ACBSP Accreditation mock visit, the Dean of Academic Affairs appointed the Accreditation Executive Committee to lead all efforts toward the preparation of the self-study.

The accreditation process has provided the BAP an opportunity to examine its four majors and services on a continuous basis that will redound in improving teaching, student services, and student learning outcomes. Through this process, the BAP has identified strengths and areas for development to ensure that the BAP will continue to provide an education of excellence and prepare professionals capable of contributing to the analysis of the economic and social reality in Puerto Rico and internationally.

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