The Office of Management and Budget Circular A-21 defines Facilities & Administrative (F&A) costs as the cost that are incurred for common or joint objectives and therefore cannot be identified readily and specifically with a particular sponsored project, instructional activity, or any other specific institutional project. F&A costs are synonymous with “indirect” costs. At educational institutions, such costs normally are classified under the following indirect cost categories: depreciation and use allowances, general administration and general expenses, sponsored projects administration expenses, operation and maintenance expenses, library expenses, departmental administration expenses, and student administration and services.


Circular R-1213-2A Indirect Costs Treatment of Facilities and Administrative Costs– Clarify specific aspects pertaining to the identification and assignment of facilities and administrative costs in all university federal awards (pass-through federal funds included)- 2 CFR 220 (Section F.6.b(2)).

Indirect Cost Agreements

The rates approved are for use on grants, contracts and other agreements with the Federal Government subject to the conditions in section III of each rate agreement:

Mayaguez Campus-Indirect Cost Negotiation-Amended on April 2017

Medical Science Campus-Indirect Cost Negotiation-Amended on April 2017

Rio Piedras Campus-Indirect Cost Negotiation-Amended on April 2017


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